Self service portable stations can be of crucial (in a positive way) impact on managing your customer flow, their satisfaction, as well as help you grow your income, regardless if the tool is being used for traffic coordination, payments, order servicing or ticket sales.

In order to choose the most appropriate portable station, it is important to think about the following things:

  1. Software

At the core of self service portable station will always be the software, begin with that. Choosing the right software provider will be the main factor which will impact your customers experience the most;

  1. Operating system

Choosing the operating system will mostly depend on options given by the software provider. Ideally, the portable station of your choice should have the ability to operate on all platforms, in that way you are free to choose among several operating system providers.

  1. Kiosk (the hardware)

What’s your kiosk made of and how long will it last? Or more importantly – How easy is it to repare it by changing parts and are they even available to a regular consumer? Portable stations are expensive, so it is best that you choose the kind for which it is easy to self-replace a cracked display, damaged printer, charger battery, etc. The less dependance on a manufacturer of parts you have, the better;

  1. Design

Design has also an important role to play – and it is not so much about the color (though ideally it should sync with your style book), but more to the materials it’s made of, available display sizes and their durability. Also, pay attention to station’s positioning in the room – will it be possible to attach it to the wall, floor or the counter? There are kiosk that provide wide range of options for configuration and are customizable already while still on the production line.


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