Thermal transfer ribbon

In order to determine what type of thermal tape shall be the most appropriate choice for you, it is important to consider: 

       There are two types of thermal printheads used in sticker printers (Flat Head un Near Edge). This is an important factor when choosing a thermal tape. The most common thermal printhead in sticker printers is Flat Head. Near Edge type is used less so often, mostly in fast print industrial printers.

Types of thermal tapes:

  • „WAX” intended for printing on matte sticker paper;
  • “WAX/RESIN” intended for sligtly glossy paper, as well as, good for printing on matte plastic;
  • „RESIN” intended for printing on polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) stickers and labels;
  • „SPECIALITY RESIN” intended for printing on plastic and textile materials which can after sustain various chemical substances. Withstands water boiling for extended period of time.

       Thermal tape contains coloring wich is transfered on the sticker or label by use of thermal technology.

In this day and age, thermal-transfer printing cost wise is comparable to the basic thermal printing (Thermo Eco material), yet it is far more durable, for in additon to the coloring factor, these thermal tapes have a special anti-static substance layer wich also reduces friction between the sticker element and printer thermal head. By using thermal transfer print extends the lifeline of the thermal printhead, hence longer lasting printer exploitation and production cost effectiveness.

Coloring tapes are available for the following printer manufacturers: TSC, GODEX, ZEBRA, HONEYWELL, TOSHIBA, XPRINTER, ARGOX, AVERY DENNISON, CAB, CITIZEN, DATAMAX, ELTRON, EPSON, FARGO, ICS, INTERMEC, MARKEM, MEMOREX, METO, NEC, PRINTRONIX, RICOH, SAGEM, SATO, TEC, KARL VALENTIN, BROTHER, and more than 160 other models of label printers from manufacturers around the world. If your particular printer model is not amongst the above mentioned, please reach out to us.

Width of the thermal-transfer tape may vary from 40mm to 220mm, lenght from 74mm to 600mm and more.

Depending on the printer thermal-transfer tape, they come with a coloring layer on the inside or outside.

Most popular core diameter sizes are 25,4mm or 12,7mm.

There are different color thermal tapes available for purchase. Different color thermal tapes are intended for printing on paper and plastic stickers/labels. By using different color of choice you are most likely to stand out from the competition and draw attention to your products.


thermal tapes-thermo-parnes-tape-black-timesaving-reisin

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