Thermal paper tapes

In order to determine the most suitable thermal paper tape, please be advised to consider:

       Thermal paper tape is made of paper which is coated with a special chemical composition. It is regarded to as the cash register tape, thermal tape. A thermal printer is built in to the cash register machine, POS system, queue system device. The particular element that allows to print is the thermal head. Thermal head under the influence of high temperature changes the color of the paper tape which is coated with the special chemical composition. One of the advantages of thermal paper is printing quality. It is possible to print text information in a very small font and cutting back on lenght of the used tape.

       These tapes are of different thickness. Please pay attention to the specifications of your particular device with respect to thickness of the tape. Thermal printersbuilt in to the cash register machines and POS systems are capable of working with thinner paper tapes, whereas queue system devices could be in need for a thicker version of the tape.

       Thermal paper tapes come not only in black print. There are different colors available in the European market: blue, green, red. In Latvia, the most popular however is black. We offer your tapes of different width and in various roll sizes, all depending on your device in use.

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