Annie Christian Innuse

Office administration / Project management (Label printers, raw materials, barcode and 2D scanners, portable data terminals)

+371 27791653
+371 67790178

Olga Sushkova

Project management (Label printers, raw materials, barcode and 2D scanners, portable data terminals)

+371 27766874

Mārtiņš Stutiņš

Project management (BinaryQ queue management system, eTablo content management system)

+371 20150933

Viesturs Lasmanis

Chairman of the Board / Sales Manager

+371 29110113

Jānis Kempišs

Technical support (Label printers, raw materials, barcode and 2D scanners, portable data terminals)

+371 27337890

Davis Cibuls

Technical support (BinaryQ queue management system, eTablo content management system)

+371 25713130


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Frequently asked questions and answers

Seagull Windows drivers

Available for all popular label printer manufacturers –

Enter printer manufacturer/model un download the necessary driver.

Zebra Mac driver installation instructions

Mac drivers for TSC printers

Bartender label printing software

If your purchased printer came along with a free of charge CD of Bartender software, yet the CD has been lost or your computer does not have a CD drive, you may access this free of charge software for installation by accessing the above mentioned active link and following these steps:

  • Complete registration;
  • After completing registration, download the software and install it on you computer. This will be your paid Bartender Lite full pack software version;
  • This free of charge complete pack software version will expire in 30 days after which only a Bartended Ultralite version shall remain at your disposal – the very same software version as was on the CD that came along with your printer.

In case of problem situations, please use this option to provide a brief description of the problem and add corresponding photo/video evidence to allow us tackle the case with more appropriate approach, establish rootcause and determine solution to resolve. Log your issue by sending us an email to

  • TeamViewer

Remote support software will allow our IT support specialist to access your computer in order to tackle the issue and resolve. You are kindly asked to pre-schedule your session with our personnel over the phone or via email: Call (+371 27766874), e-mail (

  1. Download remote assistance computer software;
  2. Open it after the installation is completed;
  • Provide your consent for using the sowftare and quote the ID number to our IT technicians to share access.
  • Emergency technical support
    • Office +371 27766874
    • Label printers, warehouse stock and Scaninvent asset inventory, order management e-Pasūtījumi: +37127337890 (Janis)
    • Label printers, information displays, BinaryQ queue management system: +37125713130 (Davis)

Label printers consist of many moving parts and working with them on a daily basis, printing materials used leave behind lots of paper dust and remains of adhesive. If the printer is set up in production or storage premises, external dust is also a matter of subject, as is condensate from changes in temperature. For printer to serve you as long as possible, it is vital to systematically clean it. One of the most sensitive and expensive parts in label printers is the thermal printing head which is exposed to friction the most, hence suffering from leftovers of paper dust and adhesive. Thermal head is also the most expensive part of the printer. For desktop printers it may constitute up to one third of printer’s value. For industrial printers with resolution 600dpi thermal printing head may cost up to Eur 1000. Life longevity of any printer head depends on the surrounding settings, printing material used, yet it is of upmost importance to apply systematic cleaing routine. It is only allowed to clean it with appropriate liquids and napkins. It cannot be subjected to scratching with sharp objects, as the very printing particul is made out of ceramics. We offer to lend our cleaing services under a signed contract for providing quality printer maintenance to ensure longevity of the printerhead and all the moving parts would longer serve the printer. The offer entails an individual maintenance schedule, depending on the printing activity and usage, as well as, the printing materials used. Call for more: +371 27766874

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