Terms used

1.1. Seller – Timesaving (Ltd. "Timesaving", Registration No. 40003948967);

1.2. Buyer – a physical adult person purchasing goods from the Seller, a minor (from 14 to 18 years old) with parental or guardian permission (except cases when he/she pays from their own income), a legal entity, or an authorized representative of a person.

1.3. Terms of Use – agreements and rules that define the relationship, rights, obligations, and responsibilities between the Buyer and the Seller;

1.4. Purchase-Sale Agreement – an agreement concluded during the sale between the Buyer and the Seller.

1.5. E-shop – the Seller's website/store ( that allows the identification of the Buyer, information on reservations made by the Buyer, contact details, payment, and delivery information;

1.6. Order – a list of goods purchased by the Buyer.

1.7. Business day – any weekday, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, as defined by Latvian laws.

2. General Terms 

2.1. These terms are a legal document that is binding on both parties and outlines the rights, duties, purchase and payment conditions, order delivery and return procedures, and other sales and purchase terms related to the Seller's sale of goods.

2.2. Before placing an order, the Buyer must familiarize themselves with these terms and confirm that they have done so by providing the necessary information, entering into agreements, and submitting delivery requests.

2.3. The Seller has the right to change the terms at any time in accordance with legal requirements. The Buyer will be informed of any changes to the e-shop terms.

3. Moment of Contract Formation

3.1. The contract between the Buyer and the Seller is concluded at the moment when the Buyer creates an order in the e-shop, provides all necessary information to enable the conclusion of the contract and the delivery of goods, and clicks the "Place Order" button.

4. Buyer's Rights and Obligations

4.1. 4.1. Right of Withdrawal

     4.1.1. The buyer, who makes a purchase in the e-shop, has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without stating a reason. The withdrawal period ends 14 days after the day on which the buyer or a third party, who is not the carrier and is designated by the buyer, acquires physical possession of the goods, or in the case of multiple items ordered in one order and delivered separately – 14 days after the day on which the buyer or a third party, who is not the carrier and is designated by the buyer, acquires physical possession of the last item.

     4.1.2. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Buyer sends a freely formatted email to the Seller's email address:, informing of the intention to withdraw from the item(s). The email should include the buyer's name, surname, order number, the name of the item(s) to be returned, as well as information about the order placement, payment, and receipt date.

     4.1.3. If the Buyer decides to exercise the right to cancel the purchase contract, the Buyer must immediately, but no later than 14 days after the day the Buyer has received the order, send back the goods or return them to the Timesaving store at Zemitāna iela 9 k-1, Rīga, LV-1012. To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient to send the Buyer's notice of withdrawal to the email before the end of the withdrawal period, before returning the goods. Zemitana Street 9 k-1, Riga, LV-1012. In order to comply with the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient to send the Buyer's notification to e-mail before sending the goods back for using the Buyer's right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period.

     4.1.4. Within 14 calendar days after receiving the Buyer's notice of order cancellation, the Seller must refund the entire amount paid by the Buyer for the goods, except for the cost of the goods' delivery. The Seller withholds the refund until the Seller has received the goods back.

     4.1.5. The refund is made using the same method the Buyer used for payment. The money is refunded to the Buyer's bank account from which the payment for the goods was made. The Seller is not responsible for failure to make the refund or delays in the payment for the returned goods if the Buyer has provided incorrect information for the refund. 

4.2. Conditions for Returning Goods. 

     4.2.1. The Buyer can exercise the rights mentioned in point 4.1. only if all the following conditions are met: 

 The item is not damaged, and its appearance has not changed.

 The item shows no signs of use and has retained its consumer properties.

     4.2.2. The Buyer is responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the item during the exercise of the right of withdrawal. The Buyer is responsible for any decrease in the value of the item if it has been used in a way that is incompatible with the principles of good faith, including being used for purposes other than determining the properties of the item. The item must be returned in its original packaging, in the same configuration as it was received. If the item is not fully assembled, damaged, in disarray, or not properly packaged, the Seller has the right to refuse the item and not refund the money paid by the Buyer for the item.

     4.2.3. The Seller has the right to reject returned goods if the Buyer fails to comply with the return procedure specified in this section.

4.3. 4.3. Return Methods. The Buyer can return goods:

     4.3.1. At the Timesaving store - Zemitana Street 9 k-1, Riga, LV-1012

     4.3.2. By sending them using self-service terminals to the Riga OMNIVA T/C Domina parcel machine, Ieriķu iela 3, Rīga, specifying the recipient's contact phone number +37127791653.

4.4. Quality Guarantee for Goods. 

     4.5.1. In accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law of 2015, consumers have the right to a refund or replacement if the goods are defective. In this case, the Buyer must contact the Seller in writing to initiate the return process, via email:, providing their details – name, surname, reason for returning the goods, order number or confirming invoice number for the payment of the goods, contact information (phone number or email address), and bank details (account number, bank name, and code) if the amount paid for the goods (or part of it) needs to be refunded to the Buyer's bank account. 

     4.4.2. After receiving the returned goods, the Seller will carefully inspect them and, within a reasonable period but no later than 14 days, will notify the Buyer via email or phone or proceed with either exchanging the item or issuing a refund (subject to prior agreement).

     4.4.3. If the Buyer requests a refund, and such a request is justified, the full amount paid for the item is refunded, excluding the delivery cost and the cost of returning the shipment. The refund is made using the same method chosen by the Buyer for purchasing the goods.

     4.4.4. The Seller is not responsible for discrepancies in the color, shape, or other characteristics of the goods displayed in the online store due to the characteristics of the Buyer's device screen used to view the product. 

4.5. Liability

     4.5.1. The Buyer is fully responsible for providing accurate personal data. If the Buyer does not provide certain personal data, the Seller is not responsible for the resulting consequences and has the right to seek direct compensation for any losses from the Buyer.

     4.5.2. The Buyer is responsible for all actions taken during the use of the online store.

     4.5.3. The Buyer must pay for the goods and accept them according to the procedure specified in these terms. If the Buyer refuses to accept the delivered goods without a valid reason, the Buyer must, upon the Seller's request, cover the costs of returning the goods.

     4.5.4. The Seller is released from any liability if the Buyer, despite the Seller's recommendations, fails to familiarize themselves with these terms, even though the Buyer had the opportunity to do so.

5. Seller's Rights and Obligations

5.1. The Seller has the right, at their discretion, to set a minimum order quantity, namely, a minimum amount for which free delivery of goods will be provided.

5.2. If the Buyer attempts to jeopardize the stability and security of the online store or breaches their obligations, the Seller has the right to immediately and without prior notice suspend or restrict the Buyer's access to the online store.

5.3. In case of uncertainties regarding the information provided in the order, the Seller will contact the Buyer using the provided contact information. If the Seller is unable to reach the Buyer within three (3) business days, the Seller has the right to cancel the order without prior notice to the Buyer.

5.4. The Seller reserves the right to withdraw products from the online store and modify the information presented in the online store at any time.

5.5. The Seller agrees to allow the Buyer to use the services of the online store based on these terms and the conditions outlined in the online store.

5.6. The Seller undertakes to respect the Buyer's privacy and rights to personal information and process the Buyer's personal data only in accordance with the rules and procedures established by Latvian legislation.

5.7. The Seller must deliver the goods according to these terms in the manner chosen by the Buyer.

5.8. In cases where the Seller cannot deliver the goods ordered in the online store due to unforeseen reasons or because the item is not in stock, the Seller has the right to terminate the purchase agreement by notifying the Buyer. In such a case, the Seller may offer the Buyer another item of the same quality and value, informing the Buyer using the contact information provided. If the Buyer refuses to accept a similar item or another item with similar parameters, the Seller will refund the amount paid by the Buyer within three (3) business days after discovering the fact, if payment for the item(s) has already been made.

6. Order Payment Procedure, Delivery, Delivery Cost, and Timelines

6.1. The Buyer makes payment for the order using the payment tools integrated into the online store (Paysera) or by bank transfer, settling the invoice sent by email. The invoice is prepared electronically and is valid without a signature. When making payment with an invoice, the order number must be specified in the bank payment order. If the invoice is not paid within one (1) business day, the order is canceled. When the Buyer pays for an online store order by bank transfer, an additional fee determined by the bank may apply. The Buyer covers these additional costs associated with bank transfer.

6.2. Order Delivery:

     6.2.1. When purchasing goods in the online store, before completing the order payment, the Buyer must choose the delivery method (delivery to a parcel locker or courier delivery) and provide the exact delivery address.

     6.2.3. The Seller is exempt from liability for failure to meet the delivery deadline if the delivery of goods fails or is delayed due to the Buyer's fault or for reasons beyond the Seller's control.

     6.2.4. Goods from the online store with Omniva can be delivered to parcel lockers in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.

     6.2.5. When choosing the Omniva parcel locker as the delivery method, the order reaches the Buyer's selected locker within 5 business days (7 business days in Lithuania and Estonia) from the receipt of payment for the order. The Buyer is notified by email about the placement of the order in the locker (dispatch). The Buyer is informed about the order's arrival in the locker through a text message from Omniva, which includes the door code, the location of the locker, and the storage period. The order is stored in the locker for 7 calendar days. After the expiration of this period, the order is sent back to the Seller. In the event that the Buyer does not retrieve the order within the mentioned period, the Buyer is obligated to reimburse the costs associated with resending the order.

     6.2.6. The Buyer undertakes to accept the order or designate a person who will accept the order at the time of ordering. If the Buyer (or their designated person) is unable to accept the order, or if the order is delivered to the address or Omniva station specified by the Buyer but is incorrectly indicated, the Buyer is not entitled to raise any claims against the Seller regarding the order delivery.

6.2.7. The order is processed within 2 business days. The products are sent to the Buyer's specified address within 2-6 days after the payment of the invoice.

6.3. Delivery Charges:

     6.3.1. The delivery fee within the territory of Latvia with Omniva parcel locker is EUR 4 (four euros) and EUR 10.3 (ten euros and thirty cents) with Omniva courier.

     6.3.2 The delivery fee to Omniva parcel lockers in Lithuania or Estonia is EUR 7.26 (seven euros and twenty-six cents) and EUR 18.15 (eighteen euros and fifteen cents) with Omniva courier.

     6.3.3. The exact delivery fee is specified on the e-shop before confirming the order. After order confirmation, the delivery fee remains unchanged. 

     6.3.4. The seller is never responsible for a violation of delivery terms if the goods are not delivered due to the fault of the buyer or circumstances caused by the buyer.

     6.3.5. If the package is damaged (crushed, wet, or otherwise externally damaged), and the item(s) is/are damaged or not suitable, the Buyer must inform the Seller in writing without delay.

7. Personal Information 

7.1. When placing an order, the Buyer must provide personal information that allows the Seller to identify the Buyer, in order to deliver the order and, if necessary, to contact the Buyer for additional information or to use the Buyer's information for direct marketing purposes (with the Buyer's consent).

7.2. When placing an order, the Buyer agrees that the communication necessary for the delivery of the product will take place using the Buyer's provided email address and phone number.

7.3. If the Buyer wishes to no longer have their email address or phone number used for direct marketing purposes, they must inform the Seller by sending the respective request to the Seller's email address

7.4. The Seller confirms that the Buyer's personal data will only be processed for the purpose of purchasing goods and will also be used for direct marketing purposes (unless the Buyer notifies that they do not want their personal data to be used for direct marketing purposes, as stated in section 7.3 of these terms). The Seller agrees not to disclose the Buyer's personal data to third parties, except for the Seller's partners who provide product delivery or other services related to the Buyer's order. In all other cases, the Seller may disclose the Buyer's personal data to third parties only in accordance with the requirements of Latvian legislation.

7.5. The Seller does not process or store the Buyer's sensitive data (payment card information). Payment transactions are carried out through the "Montonio," "Stripe," or "Paypal" services.

7.6. The Buyer, as the data subject, has the right to receive information on how their personal data is processed, allowing them to regulate, revoke, or object to the processing of their data.

7.7. To ensure the Buyer's full functionality of the e-catalog, the Seller stores certain information on the Buyer's computer (device), known as cookies. The Seller uses the stored information to identify the Buyer as a previous e-store visitor, providing access to information about past purchases and preserving website visit statistics. The Buyer has the option to review the information (cookies) stored by the Seller, and the Buyer can delete some or all of the stored cookies. The Buyer also has the right to object to the recording and use of information (cookies) on their computer (device), but in this case, some e-store functions may not be available to the Buyer. By agreeing to the cookie usage terms, the Buyer agrees that the information is stored on their computer (device). The Buyer can withdraw their consent at any time by changing their browser settings or sending a request to the Seller.

7.8. Any request or instruction related to the processing of personal data must be submitted to the Seller in writing. Upon receiving such a request or instruction, the Seller must respond to the Buyer in writing no later than thirty (30) calendar days.

7.9. The Buyer may not use the e-store services if they do not agree to the terms outlined in this section regarding the protection of personal data.

8. Conclusion Clauses

8.1. The Seller reserves the right to amend and supplement these Terms and other associated documents. All amendments and additions to the Terms come into effect on the day they are published on the e-store. If the Buyer does not agree to the new version of the Terms, the Buyer has the right to reject the amendments and additions. However, in such a case, the Buyer loses the right to use the e-store. 

8.2. These terms are developed in accordance with Latvian legislation.

8.3. Latvian laws apply to all legal relations arising from the provisions mentioned in this document.

8.4. All disputes arising from the implementation of these terms must be resolved through negotiations. If an agreement cannot be reached through negotiations, disputes are resolved in accordance with Latvian legislation.

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