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    Over the years, digital content display has become one of the most used marketing tools at almost every retail industry. It is mainly based on digital technologies that can effectively replace printed media. For example, presenting a menu on monitors or on big LCD screens is cheaper than your traditional printed menu cards, for you are saving on paper and money. A recent revolution of sorts in the advertising world, which is being used in almost every industry.


In order to choose the most appropriate digital content display, it is important to think about the following things:

  1. The focus must be on the anticipated service life. You shouldn’t be investing in buying a display which is not reliable, in that way you’re only going to increase your expenses. When choosing a display, make sure to check for how many hours of work per day is it intended for. For example, industrial types are meant for work around the clock 24 hours a day, however regular consumer displays are for a limited work time per day. Also, pay attention to manufacturer’s warranty period;
  2. Size matters. It is also important to note that bigger is not always better, for every room calls for its own size of the display, and you must choose according to your particular needs. For instance, smaller size displays will be more suitable for narrow spaces and hallways, when in contrary displays of bigger size are appropriate for more spacious and larger rooms and waiting lobbies;
  3. What’s the purpose of using a digital display if the content displayed is not clear? Hereby, display’s resolution has its say and it needs to be at least 1080p, but preferably 4K. And yet, one must also remember this will have no sense if the contents are not made proper;
  4. Last but not least, we’d like to touch base on brightness of the display and positioning angel. In well-lit room environment, especially with sun shining in, is when you really can assess the difference between industrial displays and consumer displays;
  5. When choosing the manufacturer of the display, pay attention what digital content management solutions does it support. Here it’s off ot the races, as there are simple free of charge options for small businesses, as well as there are advanced and expensive softwares for large companies.

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