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As a passionate explorer of various geographies he expands the enthusiasm and interest into technologies, too, never refusing his experience and knowledge to others. With Viesturs things can be not only discussed, but (in most cases) sorted out, too – a trait highly appreciated by his colleagues, regarding him as a boss who provides the vital freedom of expression. The natural fervour for his undertakings is complimented with elaborate notes to secure the underlying idea with a thought–over approach. That resonates most with the business culture he nurtures: the emphasis always is on finding the product or solution most suitable for customers’ needs. Viesturs is one of a kind!

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She engages in projects wholeheartedly and is as passionate about every major success as with every minor mishap that may lurk unexpectedly. Yet do not misjudge her emotional involvement. Olga of her word, they say – she’ll always do what has to be done. That is expressed not only in her meticulous time management and filled up timetables, but also in the care she treats her coworkers’ tastes, managing to arrange something delicious and creating a homey vibe during the busy office hours. In earnest, she is not a joke with her background in law and a solemn sense of duty. It means, Olga does fix things.

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Accurate and accountable. Let the facts speak for her – after leaving the team once Annija nevertheless joined the ranks again after repeated pleas of her boss. She is resolute! Her traits are punctuality and the ability of taking care of the public image of the company by devoting her creativity to various marketing tasks. Her charming confidence Annija, now a trained staff manager with an expertise in psychology , forged as a bartender – a status to be respected. She will recognize “her customer” immediately and will effortlessly figure out the right option for the given situation, be it an immediate technical wonder from the company’s warehouse or an informed advice from a colleague.

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Calm and composed. Traits that are particularly valuable in dealing with a desperate customer. A constructive alchemist of advice with just the right words and best solutions in a state of crisis both with coworkers and customers. Oftentimes the most clarity is brought about rather by his display, not explanation., since the displayed examples captivate customers more than an explanatory vocabulary of a sales visit. Mārtiņš has a remarkable responsiveness, much appreciated by his coworkers whenever even a private issue has to be addressed. He is a keen draughtsman whenever there is a need for an architectural solution, fixes a wine, when there is something to celebrate, and so on. All in all – he has golden hands.



Introvert by nature, he nonetheless loves his duties of technical support. That’s why, perhaps, he gets the best customer reviews, especially from the female personnel of the accounting divisions. It remains his secret trick of the trade, and so be it, while the job is done. His constant patience receives the gratitude of everyone. 


Dāvis is a man of few words. As few as his appearances in the office. He is always with customers, helping them out with the technical mishaps. Professionally laconic and blessed with a hard-headed sense of responsibility, hence all the tasks (at the end) are completed impeccably. And he owns the coolest BMW vehicle of all in the team – impeccable indeed!

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