Portable data terminals

       Mobility is a necessity of every modern company. Portable data terminals allow the company employees to perform gathering and processing of data. The built in scanner is precise at reading barcodes from different angels, distance and also at extreem conditions (cold, humid, sun, heat, and alike). Portable data terminal is a reliable choice for those working in various fields – logistics, delivery services, warehouse management, retail, medical care, production, stock control and elswhere.

In order to choose the most appropriate portable data terminal, it is important to define the specific needs:

  1. For what purpose will the data terminal be used (inventory, accounting of fixed assets, work at the storage, production)?
  2. Where will it be used (only indoors, maybe also outdoors)?
  3. Has the software that will be used on the data terminal been picked already?
  4. What kind of barcodes are to be scanned?
  5. Will this solution require a permanent internet connection?
  6. Will you be using a touchscreen or a keyboard?
HONEYWELL ScanPal EDA52 -mobile-data-terminal-timesaving-inventory-riki

We will help you choose the most suitable solution

Taking into account all the criteria mentioned above, we will recommend the most suitable data terminal for your requirements. In order to be sure of the efficiency, quality and technical capabilities of the terminal, we offer individual testing of the device in our or your office, shop or workplace before purchase.

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We offer

HONEYWELL ScanPal EDA52 -mobile-data-terminal-timesaving-inventory-riki

Smartphone type

Portable data terminals are a combination of compact design and durable frame. These devices usually have wireless and mobile network connection options, as well as Bluetooth and GPS, which enables employees to conveniently access to the necessary data. Touchscreen applicable and very much smartpone alike.

Honeywell EDA61K mobile data terminal

Full-size portable data terminal

In terms of the looks and its functionality are similar to smarphones, just with a bigger and more shock resistant frame. These devices have a keyboard and they are equipped with more powerful barcode scanners. Intended extensively for work outdoors in different weather conditions and it large warehouses where workers wear gloves. Some of the models are even capable of operating under water.

Honeywell CW45-mobile-data-terminal-hand-held-timesaving

Hands-free portable data terminals

Real handy when you have to use both for work, e.g. at production, assembling parts or onloading/offloading goods. These devices are placed on ones hand and allows to keep working without having to reach for the scanner each time.

Honeywell RT10W Windows 10 - mobile-data-terminal

Tablet type portable data terminals

With durable frame is effective work instrument when you are in need of a larger touchscreen in combination with a powerful barcode scanner. Offering with wireless and mobile network connection options, as well as Bluetooth and GPS.

Most popular portable data terminals

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