Color label printers

If classic label printers print with thermal printing or thermal transfer printing technology, then color label printers use the ink printing method. In these printers, the rolled label material is fed into the printer, as in classic monochrome printers. But still four color cartridges are placed in this printer. Using such technology, users have the opportunity to print high-quality full-color labels themselves in production or in the warehouse. Usually, the resolution of such printers is 1200*600dpi or 1200*1200dpi. The printer can be equipped with a manual cutter, which makes it possible to easily cut the label after each printout, or the device can be equipped with an automatic cutter. 

Wristband printers

A wristband printer is a device specially designed for printing wristbands. It is commonly used in various industries such as: healthcare, event management, hospitality. The printer is capable of printing custom wristbands with information such as QR codes, barcodes, logos and text. They offer fast, efficient and high-quality printing, ensuring an easy-to-read and visually appealing end result on the wristband. These printers are a convenient solution for organizations that need a large number of wristbands for tagging patients or event attendees for identification purposes. Such a printer simplifies the process of creating and printing wristbands, saving time and effort.

Plastic card printers

Plastic card printers are thermal transfer printers that allow you to print different types of cards, such as identification cards, discount cards, student cards, and other types of personal or business cards, using a plastic card blank. These printers are widely used in various fields: business, education, health care and government institutions to create a personalized means of identification that contains information about a person or organization.


Cardboard and textile tag printers

Designed for both low-volume (using some of the popular thermal transfer printers on the market) and high-volume jobs (specialized cardboard and textile printers), these printers will come in handy for clothing labeling.

Labeling printers for test tubes

These are direct thermal or thermal transfer label printers equipped with a built-in applicator for labeling test tubes. In this way, tube labeling errors are excluded, as the printed label is stuck directly on the tube, avoiding human errors. A suitable solution for places of reception of analyses, medical institutions. The corps is usually made of special plastic so that it can be cleaned with medical disinfectants. Able to print texts, barcodes, 2D codes, just like all classic label printers available on the market.

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