Cardboard and textile tag printers


Thermal transfer printers

Some of the popular ones on the market can be used to print small quantities of cardboard or textile tags for thermal transfer printerswhich are mostly used for printing labels. But using appropriate cardboard, synthetic or satin materials and thermal transfer ribbons, tags can also be printed with these printers. They can also be equipped with a special cutter that will cut cardboard or textile materials well. Requirement: When printing with these standard thermal transfer printers, the media must be rolled up before it can be loaded into the printer.

Cardboard label printers

Specialized cardboard tag printers specially designed only for printing labels in large volumes. The tags are already cut into the printer and printed, where they will already be arranged on top of each other in the printed form. Printing can only be done on one side and these printers can only print with one color thermal transfer ribbon. Considering that tag cutting is not done at the time of printing, very fast printing speed is ensured. The printer can be adjusted for materials of different thicknesses (even very thick ones!) that cannot be printed with standard thermal transfer printers. Clothing manufacturers have special models that are not only capable of printing a tag, but after printing, the tag is delivered with an attached string, which can be easily attached to the clothing immediately. Greatly speeds up the labeling of clothes.


Textile tag printing printers

Specialized textile tag printing printers tend to have one, two or three thermal heads. A roll of textile material is inserted into the printer and cut to the required length during printing. By choosing one of the printer types, the tag can be printed on one side with one color printing. If you choose a model with two thermal heads, you can print a textile tag on one side with two different printing colors. But if you choose a model with three thermal heads, then the tag can be printed on one side with two different color prints and on the other side with one color print. Such printers are mostly used by garment sewing companies.

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Most popular cardboard and textile tag printers

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