Wristband printers

A wristband printer is a device specially designed for printing wristbands. It is commonly used in various industries such as: healthcare, event management, hospitality. The printer is capable of printing custom wristbands with information such as QR codes, barcodes, logos and text. They offer fast, efficient and high-quality printing, ensuring an easy-to-read and visually appealing end result on the wristband. These printers are a convenient solution for organizations that need a large number of wristbands for tagging patients or event attendees for identification purposes. Such a printer simplifies the process of creating and printing wristbands, saving time and effort.


Direct printing and thermal transfer printing printers

They are very popular and are also used for printing labels. These standard thermal printers have two disadvantages when printing wristbands: First, the case of standard desktop thermal printers is smaller in size. Therefore, the roll of wristbands that can be placed in it is smaller. Namely, the number of wristbands to be made from one roll is smaller. Second, the case of these standard printers are not designed for frequent cleaning with disinfectants, which will certainly be relevant in healthcare. In summary, such printers are used where wristbands are printed in a small volume.


Special wristband direct
print printers

These printers have an enlarged printer case to accommodate larger diameter rolls of wristband material, they are more practical because the roll needs to be changed less often and one roll is enough for a larger number of bracelets. The case of these printers are made of special plastic, which should be cleaned frequently with medical disinfectants. These printers are usually light gray or white in color.


Special wristband direct printing printers with a specific wristband cartridge

When purchasing such a printer, you are tied to one type of special wristband cartridge and a roll of wristband material is placed in the cassette. Wristbands made in this way are more protected from the effects of external conditions and dust. The case of such printers are usually light gray or white in color and made of plastic designed for frequent cleaning with disinfectants. The raw material costs for such printers are 25-30% more expensive than the above-mentioned types of printers.

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