Plastic card printers

Plastic card printers have become an integral part of the daily work of many organizations, ensuring the creation of personalized and secure cards for various purposes.

Plastic card printers are thermal transfer printers that allow you to print different types of cards, such as identification cards, discount cards, student cards, and other types of personal or business cards, using a plastic card blank. These printers are widely used in various fields: business, education, health care and government institutions to create a personalized means of identification that contains information about a person or organization.


The most common types of plastic card printers and their main differences:

1. Simple plastic card printers – suitable for small volume printing and offer basic printing functions such as printing various texts, images and simple designs on cards. Available with black or color printing;

2. Multifunctional plastic card printers – offers more options, such as high-quality color printing, personalization of images and text, the possibility of double-sided printing, security elements of holograms and UV printing;

3. Plastic card printers with coding functions – in addition to printing, it is also able to encode magnetic strips, chips or other technologies built into cards, ensuring data integration and security;

4. High throwput plastic card printers – larger size printers suitable for large volumes of work, such as large companies, exhibitions or events. They may offer special features such as higher resolution and a faster printing process.

Plastic card printers serve a variety of purposes, including making:

Identification cards

Companies use plastic card printers to create employee identification cards that include name, surname, picture and other information;


Guest cards

Schools, universities and other educational institutions use these printers to create student cards with relevant data that may include student information;


Access control cards

Companies use plastic card printers to create cards that provides access to buildings, devices or workplaces;


Cards of students and educational institutions

Hotels and entertainment establishments use these printers to create guest cards with relevant information and service offers;


Discount or customer cards

Recently, virtual discount or customer cards have been in demand, which points of sale issue to their customers, but printed plastic card is also still used.

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